Nourishing Excellence: A Comprehensive Guide to Fueling, Recovering, and Excelling in Training and Competition

Nourishing Excellence: A Comprehensive Guide to Fueling, Recovering, and Excelling in Training and Competition

Achieving peak performance requires a strategic approach to nutrition, both during and after training or competition. Delve into a comprehensive guide that considers factors like duration, intensity, and type of activity. Explore optimal carbohydrate and protein intake during sessions, and unlock the three-phase recovery process to prepare your body for subsequent challenges.

Fuelling During Training and Competition

Factors to Consider:

  • Duration, Intensity, and Type of Session/Race:
    • Tailor your nutrition to the specific demands of your activity.
  • Body Composition Aims:
    • Align your fueling strategy with any body composition goals.

Time 0-1 h

  • Carb Intake 0-30 g/hour:
    • Examples: 1 medium banana, 1 thick slice bread & jam, 2 cereal bars.

1-1.5 h

  • Carb Intake 30 g/hour:
    • Consider electrolyte intake.

1-2.5 h

  • Carb Intake 30-60 g/hour:
    • Consider electrolyte intake.

2.5+ h (Ultra-endurance)

  • Carb Intake up to 90 g/hr:
    • Multiple sources of carbohydrate (glucose).
    • Mix of solid food and liquid options.
    • 20 g easily digestible protein every 3 hours.
    • Consider electrolyte intake.
    • Examples: Energy ball, 1 thick slice banana bread, 500 mL sports drink.

Recovery After Training and Competition

Three-Phase Recovery Process:

  1. Immediately, within 1 h of Exercise:
    • Carbs: 0.5-1 g/kg body mass.
    • Protein: 0.3g/kg body mass.
    • Fluids: 1.5 x body mass lost in the following 3-4 hours.
  2. 2-3 h After Exercise:
    • Balanced recovery meal (see Performance Meal Wheel).
  3. Recovery Day:
    • The body takes 24-48 hours to recover, follow the Performance Meal Wheel.


  • Moderate Carb: 500 mL semi-skimmed milk, 200 g protein yogurt, banana, and honey.
  • High Carb: 500 mL chocolate milk or milk with Nesquik, 200 g Greek yogurt & granola, 100 g chicken sandwich.
  • Balanced Meals: Spaghetti Bolognese, Salmon with noodle stir-fry, Chilli con Carne with rice, Chicken Fajitas with wraps.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Performance Through Strategic Nutrition

Optimize your training and competition experience by mastering the art of strategic nutrition. Tailor your fueling strategy, embrace the recovery process, and fuel your body with precision. For more insights, visit SportNutarian and unlock your potential for peak performance.

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Nosheen B.
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